Do I have to be an IT person to participate?

Absolutely not. WIEUG is open to all roles that interact with Epic software, including IT roles, end-users and managers.  Your organization does have to be an active member to participate. 

How do I find out when the next WIEUG events are?

There are several ways that you can find out about upcoming WIEUG events.  

  1. Want to join a group? Check out the current list of Partnerships and Workgroups that WIEUG supports and Contact Us to be added.
  2. Interested in a specific topic? Access the WIEUG calendar and filter on WIEUG to see all of the events that WIEUG is hosting!
  3. Wondering when the next Conference will be? Review the Events section of the WIEUG calendar.
Does WIEUG hold any conferences?

Typically, WIEUG will facilitate at least two face to face conferences per year, for specific groups like Training. However, based on need and request, WIEUG may hold smaller application and topic specific meetings throughout the year. There are ample opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers using a variety of channels: online, over the phone and in person at WIEUG events.

What Wisconsin healthcare organizations belong to WIEUG?

Currently, all of the organizations who's primary location is in WI are members of WIEUG.  This includes:Aurora Health Care

  • Aspirus Inc.
  • Aurora
  • Bellin
  • Children's Hospital of WI
  • Froedtert Health
  • SSM Health Care
  • Group Health Cooperative 
  • Gundersen Health
  • Mercy Health System
  • Meriter-UnityPoint
  • Monroe Clinic
  • HSHS / Prevea
  • ProHealth Care
  • ThedaCare
  • UW Health
  • Wheaton / Ascension
Does WIEUG advise organizations on which Epic products to install?

Although WIEUG does not officially advise member organizations on which Epic software to install, a benefit of participation is being able to ask other organizations their experience with specific applications to determine if the software would be a good fit. Our member organizations utilize various risk management techniques as well as advice from other member organizations for feedback about products.  Member organizations have also been historically willing to coordinate site visits for other member organizations, if there is interest in doing a deep dive into a specific application or workflow.  Contact Us to find out more!

Who do I contact if I want to get involved?

All WIEUG events are open to member organizations and their staff. Simply register for events using the WIEUG Calendar. If you are not a member, or you are a member but cannot find an event that you are interested in, please use the Contact Us form to get more information about upcoming events and to get involved with the organization.

Who can be a member of WIEUG?

Any healthcare organization who has an active contract with Epic, regardless of physical location (or is in the process of implementing an Epic application) and who pays the membership dues is able to be a member of WIEUG.

What is the cost to join WIEUG?

There is a one time initiation fee of $5000 to join the organization.  WIEUG organizations pay an annual membership fee (payment invoiced annually) to receive full benefits of participation.  Benefits include access to ALL WIEUG resources and events as well as full participation in Partnerships and Workgroups.  Apply today and get connected!

What are the benefits of being a WIEUG member?

There are many benefits of being a member of WIEUG. Several key benefits include:

  • Connecting with every Wisconsin Healthcare organization that has implemented Epic. 
  • Networking with more than 2400 healthcare professionals.
  • Participating in a variety of opportunities to connect: On-line, Webinars, Face-to-face Forums, Conference Calls
  • Strategic advocacy with government agencies and partners.
  • Unlimited access to Deep Dive Sessions, Workgroups and Partnerships.
What does WIEUG stand for?

Wisconsin Epic Users Group

How can our organization join WIEUG?

Joining WIEUG is easy! Regardless of the state you are located in, you are welcome to be part of our User Group.  Please note that membership is done at an organization level, individual user memberships are not available.  Simply fill out the Contact Us form online and request a member application. Our Executive Director will reach out to you with specifics on the membership and to determine if your organization meets criteria to join.

Is WIEUG a part of Epic?

No. WIEUG is not a part of Epic Systems. However, Epic recognizes WIEUG as an important partner in maintaining Epic applications. Epic is invited to and actively participates in key WIEUG events and is supportive of the WIEUG mission and purpose.