As an Analyst supporting Epic, I have found great value in participating in WIEUG events as it affords the opportunity of networking with neighboring organizations to better serve our patient populations without considering competitive motives.  The meeting topics are focused, relevant and timely to the ever changing landscape of supporting an EHR in our region.  The group size, average attendance and fantastic facilitation by Kaitie allows each organization to actively participate to provide their feedback and perspective, which fosters collaboration and true opportunities to learn from each other and make improvements to better serve our end users and patients.  As a Team Lead supporting Principal Trainers, I have found particular value in the in-person training events held semi-annually as they allow like roles from participating organizations the time and face-to-face contact to truly dissect training specific topics.  The shared best practices, proven results and tangible solutions allow successes to be easily evaluated and implemented when appropriate. 

Kathy Hogden
Team Lead, ProHealth Care

I’ve been participating in the various WIEUG sessions focused on Behavioral Health topics over the past year, and have found these extremely useful!  I’ve learned about advanced Epic functionality in this specialty area, and how other organizations have used the various documentation strategies to capture information in the patient record.  The most helpful aspects of the webinars are the participation of other organizations around the state, and their highlights of what they did to address a particular challenge in Epic.  It’s very helpful to have a live platform for discussion with others working through similar challenges.   Kaitie Smith is an excellent facilitator, keeps the conversations organized, constructive and moving forward, and always manages to wrap up on time!  I’m definitely planning to continue to participate in these- always an hour well spent.

Olin “Kirk” Yauchler, MBA, LCSW, SAC, ICS
ProHealth Behavioral Health Services Outpatient & Integrated BH Services, ProHealth Care
I look to WIEUG to provide opportunities to network with other organizations who are investing resources, time and energy to leverage the benefits of Health Information Technology.
Robert Raschke
Director, IT, Aurora

I have been part of the Wisconsin Epic User Group since it began.  The continued growth each year alone shows that people are getting value in participating.   Personally, I value being able to learn and share information with other local organizations who are dealing with similar challenges.

Annette Fox
Enterprise IT Applications Director, Group Health Cooperative - Southwest WI

As an Epic analyst, I like hearing what other people are doing to address various issues and comparing notes. I usually learn something new/useful in the WI-EUG sessions I attend.

Jill Schuettpelz
Applications Analyst, Senior, Group Health Cooperative - Southwest WI
WIEUG has allowed our organization to stay more connected with others in our state
Jared Wickus
Epic Project Manager, Gundersen Lutheran

WIEUG sessions bring value to my everyday work.  I like to stay up to speed on ongoing and upcoming initiatives by attending WIEUG sessions. The topics are varied and broad, but all tie back to a great learning experience - what is working well, what is not working well, and tips and tricks to navigate the world of healthcare IT.  The connection points made can extend beyond the meetings, which help dig deeper into an issue and build networking opportunities to take the most advantage of our Epic product.

Michele Johnson
IT Business System Consultant, Aurora

Since the initial startup of the Wisconsin Epic Users Group (WIEUG), the premise has always been collaboration. Through partnerships, contacts and sharing of trials and tribulations, we have grown stronger as a system and our organizations have benefited from the collective knowledge. Looking forward to the renewed interest and transformation.

Tammy Kiedrowski
IT Clinical Applications Manager, Aspirus