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WIEUG represents over 1000 participants from 14 organizations


Welcome to the Wisconsin Epic User's Group (WIEUG) website!  WIEUG enables healthcare organizations to collaberate with their peers to share best practices, lessons learned and success stories.  Founded in 2007, WIEUG organizations have more than 100 years in collective Epic experience!  WIEUG offers on-line resources, face-to-face events and webinars to support the strategic development of application and end-user staff. Connect and share!

Our Purpose

The purpose of WIEUG is:

  • To promote clinical and business education and exchange of Epic knowledge and experience.
  • To conduct a variety of programs, including online, phone and face-to-face, in order to develop and share valuable information among members.
  • To encourage and strengthen the participation of all qualified members.
  • To collectively advocate on behalf of the membership on issues of common interest at the local, state or Federal level or with Epic Systems for product improvements or changes.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
1.24.17 - HOT TOPIC:  Managing Large Scale Roll-outs
10:30am to 12:00pm
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
1.24.17 HIM Workgroup
12:30pm to 1:30pm
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
1.25.17 Behavior Health Workgroup
9:00am to 10:00am

WIEUG has been a source of information that would not be possible from any other source. The ability to tap into those that have experience in a specified area of interest is priceless. Real-life scenarios and lessons learned are shared and can be incorporated into one’s own environment effectively with confidence that they have been implemented successfully.

Christine Bessler
VP / CIO, ProHealth